Designing and Constructing a Custom Guest Home: What You Need to Know

Custom guest homes are spiralling in popularity. Be it for hosting guests over the weekend or to get additional living space, it can also become an extra source of income. If you are keen on renting a space for short-term rentals, platforms like Airbnbare going to make your job easy.

So, are you ready to get on with the construction of a custom guest home in a new lot near your living space? Connect with custom home builders in Kelowna to discuss the approaches to the construction, the floor plan or layout, and design tips.

Exploring The Option Of Custom-Made Guest Homes

If you are planning to start building the guest house from scratch, you will have plenty of ideas for customisation. However, make sure you are ready to invest in time and handle the expenses until completion. Just calculate the cost per square foot basis, and you will come to know that building a small guest house will not be cheaper. Fortunately, if you have an adequate budget and associate with luxury home builders in Kelowna, expect to get a bang for your buck.

How To Build A Guest House With Home Builders?

There is a plethora of options when it comes to building a luxury guest house. The first one is converting your garage or basement to a guest property. And the second option is building a new guest home from scratch.

The decision will expectedly depend on the availability of homesites, the location you choose, and the budget.  Furthermore, you have to consider the drawbacks of construction and the potential reasons for the investment. Remember that guest homes need to comply with the safety and living standards. Ensure that the Kelowna home builders you hire collaborate with the local code office to rule out discrepancies.  Here are things you need to prioritise when building a custom guest house:

  • Type Of Guest Home Plan

When building a guest home from new or transforming an existing space, you need to weigh the options carefully. Transforming the garage or the basement would never lend that much privacy compared to a single detached structure. Keep in mind that the guest home needs to have a spacious kitchen and a luxury bathroom for which you need to invest separately for the amenities. For a detached and a single-unit guest house, you will have more choices when choosing materials. Once you create a guest home plan, you are then ready to move into the next segment of planning.

  • Location

Location is one of the most important factors to prioritise before you hand over the construction project to home builders. While a good location will offer your guests much-needed privacy, it is going to be more accessible.

If you already have a homesite near your existing living space, you just need to have a heart-to-heart conversation with custom home builders near me to ensure that the property is viable. Wondering who the best builder is in Kelowna?

Dilworth Homes has been creating extraordinary living spaces including new townhomes in Kelowna for over the last 30 years. Trust them for creating a fantastic guest home in one of the prominent locations and get bowled over by the customisation options.

  • Designing The Guest House

Designing the guest house is another daunting task. However, if you do not want the design task to cost you an arm and a leg, make sure you are aware of the design’s purpose. When using the guest home for short-term rentals, you need to install reliable appliances. Furthermore, think about ways to make the property energy-efficient as you won’t ask the guests to pay for the cost of utilities. Use double-pane windows to cut down on the cooling and heating costs. Apart from this, you need to calculate including a few more features like accessibility for housing senior people.

The entire design concept of the guest home will depend on the following options:

  1. Will the guest home serve as additional living space for hosting guests overnight?
  2. Will the facility often function as a living space for your aging parents?
  3. Are you planning to rent out the space to guests?
  • Budget

Budget is one of the first things to consider when building a new guest home and expect the unexpected. Besides the overall construction cost, there are other variables to consider when planning the budget. Building a guest house in a posh location is going to cost you more.

Are you tempted to build a custom guest home? Hire a professional home builder with expertise in building small units of guest houses. A guest house brings with it several perks for every homeowner. From raising the value of the property to using it as a functional rental unit, it will pay you off in the long run.

Summary: Are you planning to build a custom guest home? Here are things to consider before starting the construction work.

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